Brand Protection Division

“The global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy could reach $2.3 trillion by 2022.”

Brand Protection Africa

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals or alcohol if consumed, represent a significant risk to individual health and simultaneously damages the economy of the host country.

Eventually, it will damage the reputation and profitability of the brand owner.

The Halliday Finch Brand Protection Unit (BPU) has been behind numerous seizures of illicit stock and it is continuing to work to expose the complete criminal supply chains of the illicit trade coming into Africa, making us the leading brand protection agency on the continent.

Using specialist anti-counterfeit and brand protection measures and drawing upon time tested relationships with LEAs, HFA supports brand holders battle illicit trade in their branded products across Africa.

As part of its Brand Protection programme, Halliday Finch is the only private sector organisation in Africa delivering training and counterfeit awareness programmes to Law Enforcement Agents in 8 African Countries as part of its Port Watch Programme. To read more about this unique initiative – please download our brochure.


Identifying and assessing illicit outlets and distributors, selling counterfeit products. Identifying quantities, purchasing patterns and distribution models.


Simple Evidentiary Test Purchase (SETP): purchasing counterfeit products from suspect premises under controlled conditions as a crucial part of the evidential chain.


Determining the value of the operation – cost of product vs. cost of Enforcement Actions.


Registering the complaint with the required in country authorities.


Enforcement Action in conjunction with local LEA’s and Anti-Counterfeit Agencies. The seizure of illicit stock from both targeted premises and those already under surveillance. This also enables the collection of information to generate the intelligence required to expose the complete criminal supply chain.


Arrests, court proceedings and prosecution

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