Secure Transport & Journey Management

Halliday Finch supports all our clients’ travel needs from arrival to departure, anywhere on the continent.

This service is designed to reduce risk, increase security profile and most importantly maximise client productivity. The offering is founded upon deep local knowledge, our security teams understand the local human terrain ensuring all operations are conducted ethically, sensitively and effectively.

Across Africa, road safety remains a major risk to travellers. Vehicles are often poorly maintained and road conditions extremely unpredictable. Breakdowns can attract unwelcome attention and in some parts there is a prevailing threat of kidnapping and armed robbery (please contact us for in-depth local security advice).

Halliday Finch provides carefully maintained vehicles driven by operators who are trained in defensive driving and are extremely familiar with local traffic conditions. All Halliday Finch vehicles are tracked 24/7 from our Operations Centre and in most countries come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Journey Management solutions are bespoke and include some of the following aspects:

Secure Transport

  • Airport fast-tracking – a meet and greet service to facilitate expeditious processing through immigration and customs upon arrival and departure.
  • Secure Transportation – well-maintained and fully compliant vehicles are paired with extensively trained security drivers.
  • Asset Tracking – real time monitoring of assets and personnel, geo-locations and a response to an SOS activation.
  • Duty Officer Support – a dedicated duty officer to oversee crisis responses and coordinate the incident.

To learn more about Secure Transport & Journey Management Services, contact an agent to request a quote.