Security Operations


With over a decade of risk analysis, risk mitigation and close protection experience, Halliday Finch understands the realities of safety and security management on the continent.

Each country has its own inimitable characteristics and dynamics. With distinct cultures, languages, topographies, economies and legal systems, no two African countries or locations are the same.


Should you require close protection whilst travelling in Africa, Halliday Finch provides vetted, discreet and trained Close Protection Officers to reduce your risks. Our officers are chosen to suit each client and in line with the prevailing security environment.  All tasks are planned and monitored by our 24/7 Operations Centre. 


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Halliday Finch supports all client travel requirements in order to reduce risks, increase security and maximise client productivity from arrival to departure.  This service is founded upon a deep understanding of Africa, local knowledge, cultural awareness and social sensitivity.

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In most African countries a major risk to travellers is road safety.  Vehicles are often poorly maintained and road conditions extremely unpredictable.  Breakdowns can attract unwelcome attention, creating risk situations.  Halliday Finch provide carefully maintained vehicles driven by operators who are trained in defensive driving and extremely familiar with local traffic conditions. All Halliday Finch vehicles are tracked 24/7 from our Operations Centre and in most countries come equipped with WiFi connectivity.

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Halliday Finch understands the challenges of operating across Africa and can provide security services to international Media and Film/TV crews.  Our teams have taken crews to Somalia (including Mogadishu), Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan (Darfur), Ethiopia, DRC, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

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Halliday Finch operates a 24/7 Operations Centre to monitor, coordinate and support all tasks and operations. Our team is staffed by ex-service personnel, handpicked for their in-depth knowledge and operational experience. Clients have access to security information and advice whenever there is a need.

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Offered to clients who don’t have the budget for a full time security officer and/or investigator. Monthly subscription fee includes the following:

  • 24/7 Operations Centre Access & Support. N.B. The Duty Officer will be activated should further assistance at a higher level be required. The Officer will take command for up to 8 hours at no extra cost.
  • Security Risk Assessments, to ensure potential security threats in the work place or at home are identified and mitigated, carried out twice annually.
  • Staying Safe Brief for staff given annually.

  • HF Investigator provided for 5 hours a month.
  • Monthly Security Summary Report.
  • Real-time Security Updates via SMS or WhatsApp.

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